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ANG Cleaning has a team in place that has been trained in providing disinfecting services across all sectors.

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ANG Cleaning Services Introduces “Disinfectant Cleaning Solutions” to Prevent COVID-19 Outbreak

ANG Cleaning Services specializes in offering high-end Safe Outbreak Management Service to prevent and beat the impact of COVID-19 & ensure safe health for the countrymen. 

We have a team of highly trained professionals who are apt at providing top-class disinfecting services (also called infectious cleaning) across all sectors. Our disinfectant cleaning solutions comprises of a high-level cleaning procedure to decontaminate a specific area which is impaired with an infectious or communicable disease. 

Here, we apply both thorough cleaning methods as well as disinfecting the area for environmental decontamination. Hence, we can help you create a safe environment back again for healthy living as well as conducting your daily operations harmlessly. 

Decontamination Methods Used by ANG Cleaning Services

Hot Steam Vapour System (170*C+)

We understand the need to protect the healthcare and education facilities along with all other areas, hence we offer you hospital-grade infection control cleaning process followed by a constant & consistent cleaning procedure. 

We use a chemical-free cleaning process using high-temperature steam, along with microfibre to kill bacteria & ensure touch point cleaning & general facility sterilization.

We follow the Australian government approved cleaning technology such as microfibre cloths along with steam systems to disinfect a given area. We use moist heat in the form of steam under pressure to effectively destroy the microbes in the area while ensuring a chemical-free cleaning system in place. 

2 Step Cleaning System

In this step, we opt for a physical cleaning method using detergent followed by a second layer of the disinfectant cleaning system. 

We use TGA-listed top-quality hospital-grade disinfectant which ensures activity against viruses (This is as per the label or product information). We also use a chlorine-based product such as sodium hypochlorite as a high-level disinfectant solution method. 

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  • Disinfectant Cleaning Solutions
  • Pandemic Cleaning Solutions
  • Viral Clean
  • Bio-Clean
  • Proactive Cleaning

ANG Cleaning Services would be very happy to help create a safe environment for all the citizens of this country