Aged Care Cleaning Adelaide

Maintaining aged care centres comes with unique challenges and we at ANG cleaning services gives best-aged care cleaning Adelaide.

Aged Care Cleaning Adelaide

Best Aged Care Cleaning Adelaide

 Our aged care cleaners give you the best cleaning results with their efficient work. It is among the best-aged care cleaning Adelaide with the highest level of sanitation and cleanliness.

We are one of the best aged care services in Adelaide, offering guaranteed results with perfection.

Best Hygienic Aged Care Cleaning Australia

Carpet Steam Cleaning

We use steam cleaning for carpet cleaning and effortlessly make it dust-free. Daily a lot of people visit aged care centres which results in the collection of germs and dust in the carpet. With our carpet steam cleaning, we make your carpet clean and new.

Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is essential for getting natural light and air. We clean windows from inside and outside, which results in getting a clear view and refreshing air.

Waste management and recycling

We do waste management and recycling for better utilization of the waste. Our expert cleaners efficiently recycle and help with waste management.

Room Cleaning

Room is a place where most people spend their time and is very crucial for cleaning. We clean this area profoundly and efficiently.

Bathroom Cleaning

Bathroom cleaning is essential as it contains a lot of germs and needs disinfectant. We ensure the place is clean and germ-free. 

General maintenance

We do general maintenance of the aged care cleaning Adelaide that includes the dusting, wiping and mopping of all the area which are not regularly cleaned.

Why our Aged care cleaning Adelaide services better over others?

We have a professional team of aged care cleaners, and they make sure to clean the place efficiently within the time allotted to them. 

Given below are the reasons why aged care cleaning Adelaide services are better than our competitors:

  1. Our aged care cleaning Adelaide offer quality and work according to Australian government safety commission
  2. All the aged care services abide by the Department of Health for Self Audits and Site Checks. 
  3. Additionally, follow guidelines from the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations.
  4. Our head of aged care cleaners perform monthly cleaning checkups and involve in regular quality assurance
  5. We quickly respond to the queries and provide 100% customer satisfaction.
  6. We offer a reasonable cost for aged care centres.
  7. Additionally, we believe in a making relationship with our customers.

Other Areas That We Clean In Aged Care Cleaning Based On Your Requirements Are:

  • Medical rooms
  • Bathroom Area
  • Facility maintenance area
  • Resealing of hard floors.
  • Pressure washing of hard stains
  • Sitting area
  • Kitchen area
  • Recreation room
  • Ground maintenance

What is our aged care cleaning procedure?

Our aged care cleaning procedure includes various things like:

  • Cleaning frequently touched areas that attract a lot of germs, bacteria and need a regular touch up.
  • We are maintaining strict hygiene protocol and the use of gloves during cleaning for the hygienic atmosphere.
  • Abide by illness policy wherein the absence of one worker, and another cleaning member does the work
  • Outbreak team helps in case of some outbreak occurs in the old home, they quickly respond in each situation.
  • We use personal protective equipment, for example, gloves, gowns and aprons, safety glasses, and the use of masks and face shields.
  • Appropriate cleaning schedule to maintain a good experience for customers.
  • Regular inspections and audits for the total satisfaction of customers. Maintain a healthy customer relationship.
  • Lastly, record keeping to ensure all the cleaning is done on time and provide the best outcome.

Additionally, the aged care needs detail cleaning and extra care. There are particular unique challenging that we face in aged care cleaning like it can be cleaned in day time only and require the highest standards of cleaning but our experts make the cleaning process smooth.

We also ensure aged care cleaners are police verified and well trained; we care about the security of the age-old people. Choose ANG aged care cleaning services Adelaide for getting the best results and our other services are end of lease cleaning Adelaide, after builders cleaning Adelaide, carpet cleaning Adelaide & house cleaning Adelaide.